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February, 2012

Written by: BTFC Admin
# Bury Town Football Club would like to apologise to those who were offended by the highly offensive chanting by a small section of supporters at Tuesday evenings League Cup Semi Final against Lowestoft ...
Word count: 146
Written by: BTFC Admin
# Bury Town require a new coach for their Eastern Junior Alliance Under 15's team for season 2012/13... Bury Town Football Club require a Coach/Manager for their newly formed under 15 team which will be...
Word count: 156
Written by: BTFC Admin
# The Ram Meadow pitch will hopefully be in better condition than recently after the heavy snow fall across the country....... Bury Town will be looking to get back to action on Saturday (18th February)...
Word count: 314
Written by: BTFC Admin
#We need your help to clear the Ram Meadow pitch of snow ahead of Saturday's scheduled match with Wingate & Finchley. The majority of the pitch appears to be soft under the layer of snow, apart from t...
Word count: 139
Written by: BTFC Admin
#The winter weather hit Ram Meadow on Saturday evening, with plenty of snow falling across Bury St Edmunds and the Eastern region. The snow is currently laying on top of an already frozen pitch, and it l...
Word count: 184
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